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Hello everone! Our team is opening up to the international market. That is why we would like to tell you something more about our company and our wedding offer.

Wedding photography, wedding videography and wedding outdoor photoshoots is what our studio specializes in. All of it is made on a avery high artistic and technical level. Our wedding video is filled with emotions accompanying that day, in which you will find all of the passing moments shown in the very dynamic and romantic short films. Our wedding photos are the captured moments which you want to remember forever. The dynamic moments from your wedding reception and filled with emotions frames of the day in an extensive wedding report. A video clip from the wedding day and thw reception is an uneasy story in a film form, in which we always want to portray the newlyweds in a natural and creative way. We offer very interesting bundles, in which you will find elegant and dainty photoalbums. Every wedding bundle is formulated individually with our clients. We adjust to their taste, sense of style and requirements. Our photoalbum is an unique compposition of outdoor photos as well as the ones taken during the wedding and the wedding reception. All of our outdoor photoshoots, wedding photos, wedding video clips, wedding films are being made with the utmost care and aesthetic feeling, to show this special day in a way that will meet the expectations of our newlyweds as well as their wedding guests. For us, the bride and the groom are the people, who have to be shown in an exclusive way in our wedding report. We concentrate on the photos to show every important aspect of the wedding day, such as wedding preparations of the bride, wedding preparations of the groom, the blessing given to the newlyweds by their parents, the wedding itself (church wedding, registry wedding, or outdoors wedding), the first dance, wedding cake and all the moments from the wedding ceremon and the reception. Details such as the wedding rings, the wedding bouquet, the wedding dress, the veil, the wedding suit, the bow tie, the wedding decorations, the car in which the happy couple will be driving to their wedding, are what plays the important role in our photos.

We are inviting all of the interested couples from all around the world to contact us via email.